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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Were there any cases when the cleaners were accused of theft?

Yes, 3 out of 20,000 cleanings. Everything was decided without trial, we were not to blame.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? What happens if I damage a client's property?
We have an insurance fund that will cover some of the costs
How it works? Can I work with a girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse?
No, on most orders you will be alone
How it works? How much can you earn if you work for three days?
66-200 EUR. Sometimes more. It depends on what and how many orders you will take. Minimum payment for the smallest order 22 EUR (3 hours)
How it works? Where do you need to go for orders?
You choose the orders yourself, you have the opportunity to choose the area in which you will work
How it works? Are we only cleaning apartments?
No, these are events and offices. You can choose what suits you
How it works? How to calculate income?
Usually this is about 50% of the value of the completed order (or on average 7 EUR / hour)
How it works? Is this official employment?
Yes, you work as a self-employed person
How it works? How much can you really earn?
Approximately 200-800 EUR, it will depend on how many and what orders you will carry out
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