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Gift cleaning

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Dry cleaning of carpet flooring and furniture in the office

Dry cleaning of carpet will cost from 1.20EUR per square meter, sofas from 33 EUR, armchairs from 13 EUR and office chairs from 13 EUR. We are ready to discuss the conditions. For regular customers we are ready to provide discounts up to 30%. Cashless payments, deferred payment up to 30 days and discounts up to 50%

Office cleaning

We wash windows and clean offices in Riga.

Approximate cleaning prices: up to 50 meters - 0.70 EUR / m2, up to 100 meters - 0.60 EUR / m2, up to 200 meters - 0.50 EUR / m2.

Window cleaning: 5 EUR one sash or display windows from 2.50 EUR / m2.

There is a flexible system of discounts, we can start cleaning at any time and guarantee that our specialists will be punctual, accurate, and the cleaning is of high quality.

We will prepare a contract and will provide acts once a month. Payment by installments up to 30 days. Cashless payment.

Corporate discounts and programs

No matter how many employees you have, we are ready to provide discounts and bonuses to your company and employees. This can be a corporate promotional code, a system of accumulating bonuses and free cleaning for employees, which will be paid by the company.

We will prepare the necessary documents, your manager will be able to see the number of monthly cleanings. We also offer bank transfer, deferred payment up to 30 days, and discounts up to 25%.

Mass events and custom tasks

We cater for large events and corporate events of partner companies. Our cleaners will monitor the cleanliness and order, will be polite and accurate.

We are also ready to take a more active part and solve other technical issues of preparing your corporate events. Contact our managers and we will discuss everything.

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