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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

How does billing work?

We work with the payment service provider, which allows us to accept payments from any international cards, such as VISA and MasterCard of all types.

If you need a refund, it will be paid to the same card that was billed. To get a refund, call us at +371 26187718.

The time within which you will receive the money depends on your bank and the system.

The data are sent through a separate encrypted channel. Your personal information is safe with us and cannot be intercepted. The data are transferred in an encrypted form and are stored only on the specialized server of the system.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? In what case can the prices change?

We offer a flat rate. But we calculate them based on the set of services that we provide and the approximate time spent on them. Effectively, we have a flat rate for certain services, sets of services or the work hours of our employees. For instance, oven cleaning always costs EUR 15, even if it takes an hour and a half to wash it. But the price for cleaning of a one-room apartment is based on approximately three hours of work. If it takes five hours, we can ask you to pay more, warning you in advance and running it by you first.

If you book an appointment on the website, you will see the approximate time of the cleaning on the right, and our agents will also inform you of it on the phone. If we need some 40 minutes of extra time, the price will not change. If it takes more time, we will tell you as soon as we can that the price will change. This usually happens at the very beginning of the cleaning. Extra time costs ERU 15 per hour. If the cleaning takes more time through our own fault, you will not be charged more.

In an absolute majority of cases, the price will not change.

How it works? I need a document for my organization
We can provide a letter of confirmation about services provided, an invoice or any other confirmation of the cleaning that you require.
How it works? Do we sign a contract?
We have a public offer agreement, which is always available here.
How it works? Will I have a receipt?
You pay for cleaning with a card, you will receive a card account, which is a fiscal document. Upon your request, an invoice is provided, which we will send to you by mail.
How it works? Methods of payment

You can pay for the cleaning with a credit card on the website. If you pay for the cleaning in your profile on the website, you have the option to receive an invoice for several cleanings at once.

You can pay for the cleaning as a legal entity. We will prepare the necessary documents and invoice you.

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