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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Do you collect debris?

No, we do not collect construction debris.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? How do I calculate the price if renovation was only done in one room?
The price will be reduced. As a rule, it will be the price of a standard cleaning plus several extra hours for the room where renovation has been done.
How it works? Can the price be lower?
Yes, if there has only been minor redecoration in the apartment, we can make a discount.
How it works? Why can I trust you?

We have about 50 post-renovation cleaning appointments per month. We have experience with cleaning of big office facilities and sports facilities after they are cleared for operation.

We comply with our established cleaning standards, and we have an experienced team. We will provide the necessary number of cleaners and enough equipment to finalize your renovation.

How it works? What do I do if I am not happy with the quality of the cleaning?
We will respond to your complaint ASAP and find the right solution. As a rule, we will return the payment, offer you a free cleaning and refund the time that you have spent.
How it works? How long will the cleaning take?
We complete all our cleaning within one day.
How it works? How do you calculate windows?
The same way as with a standard cleaning: two window sections that don't go all the way down to the floor are calculated as one window. One French window is calculated as one window. The balcony door is also calculated as one window. Double windows are calculated as two windows.
How it works? Can the price change?
We offer a flat rate. The price that we name when you make a booking will not change.
How it works? What does the cleaning include?

Our idea of post-renovation cleaning is that you will be able to come back to a clean apartment where you can live right away. All the available surfaces, the furniture, windows and appliances will be cleaned. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is booked separately. Please note that it is advisable to book a regular cleaning a week after the post-renovation cleaning.

We don't have equipment that will remove dust particles from the air. They will gradually settle and you will need a light cleaning a few days later.

How it works? We have professional equipment
We have professional equipment and supplies for post-renovation cleaning. Depending on the scope of the cleaning, we can assign your appointment to one to five cleaners.
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