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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Cleaning of a detached house

We provide cleaning of houses. It can be deep cleaning with windows and appliances washed, a post-renovation clean or standard regular cleaning.

We have clear prices and flat rates, and we can clean your home even if it is not in Kyiv. We have the necessary supplies and equipment for major cleaning. We can assign several cleaners to your booking.

A basic clean includes cleaning of all open surfaces in all rooms, the entryway, the kitchen and the bathroom. We change the bed, put the rooms in order and take out the trash. All mirrors, cabinets, sinks, the bathtub and the toilet, the stove and kitchen furniture. We wash tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen, dust the doors, baseboards and power outlets. We organize footwear, replace the trash bag, dust all handles, radiators and kitchen appliances.

You will not be charged anything extra for cleaning of a shower cubicle or staircases. We love your pets and can provide a more powerful vacuum cleaner if necessary.

You can also order extra services, such as window cleaning, cleaning on the balcony, key delivery, cleaning the inside of the fridge, oven, kitchen hood, microwave and kitchen cabinets. We can iron clothes and organize the contents of closets.

Additionally, you can book dry cleaning of upholstery and carpeting or steam cleaning.

We clean houses in Kyiv and in the suburbs. If you book cleaning regularly, you get discounts and collect bonus points.